Friday, July 16, 2021

Useless super powers

I've long wanted to run an adventure game campaign inspired by the Graceling novels by Kristin Cashore.

In this setting, some people are born with a "grace". A super power that can be anything. You could be a natural born killing machine or a mind reader or a really great cook. 

These "gracelings" are marked with two different colored eyes. Because It's common knowledge who has these super powers, but not what those powers are, even those with a "useless" grace are feared and avoided.

That's right. For every expert dancer and deadly assassin in the world, there is some poor sap who got stuck with the ability to make kickass balloon animals and someone who can sneeze without blinking.

They might find some use for their power, they might not. Many will never find out what power they have. That won't be a problem for you and your players though.

Here are d30 "useless" super powers for your game. D30: 1d6 (1-2 = 0, 2-4 = 10 , 5- 6 = 20) + 1d10

  1. You can sleep anywhere.
  2. You throw playing cards really hard. Just playing cards.
  3. You can drink as much milk as you'd like with no drawbacks
  4. You are able to change the color of skin to bright pink
  5. You're able to hold your breath for 1 hour. You can't swim though.
  6. You burp crazy loud
  7. You're a fast talker
  8. You're able to lick your own elbow
  9. Your hair will never turn grey
  10. You always have an even number of eye lashes
  11. You control when you sweat
  12. You turn your hearing off and on at will
  13. Flowers wilt in your presence
  14. Milk curdles in your presence
  15. You vomit on command
  16. You eat really spicy food with no issues
  17. You can't get drunk
  18. You never sleep, but you still get tired
  19. Torches and lanterns within 30 feet of you dwindle and die
  20. You have an iron stomach. You keep down anything you can swallow.
  21. You produce the smelliest of farts
  22. You seem to get dirty no matter what you do
  23. You see germs
  24. You chug liquids inhumanly fast
  25. All yeast dies within 10 feet of you
  26. You suck all the excitement out of a room
  27. You understand the language of cats. They hate you and make sure you know.
  28. You can smell colors
  29. You can scream for hours on end without going hoarse
  30. Strangers feel like they've met you before (and didn't like you)

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